Did you know?

  • Puerto Plata features the only cable car system in the entire Caribbean: the Teleferico.
  • The name "Puerto Plata" originated from Christopher Columbus. He said that the mountains (puerto) had a silver-like (plata) appearance because of the fog, creating the name of the city.
  • Puerto Plata is considered the kiteboarding and windsurfing capital of the Caribbean.
  • The city of Puerto Plata has both the highest peak and the lowest valley in all of the Dominican Republic.
  • Fort San Felipe, built in 1564, is the oldest building on Puerto Plata and was used to protect the city from pirate invasions.

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"What an amazing vacation with my boyfriend and I. I would recommend this to anyone."
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  • Merengue Festival

    Merengue Festival

    Learn about the popular type of music in Puerto Plata, Merengue, as you enjoy the sounds of the Latin rhythms, folklore undertones and dance beats. Artists travel to Puerto Plata annually to set up vendor booths that have food, clothing and artifacts while Merengue-style artists perform on stage.
  • Annual Cultural Festival

    Annual Cultural Festival

    Immerse yourself in Dominican culture as you try new dishes, join along with African tribal dances, and listen to the unique sounds of local folk music. There are dancers of all skill levels from professional to novices from all around the world. The festival also features local artisans, festivities and crafts.
  • Puerto Plata's Carnival

    Puerto Plata's Carnival

    Partake in a Dominican tradition as you celebrate the island's culture. The celebration includes costumes, floats, and of course, and "El Diablo cojuelo," one of the carnival's most famous characters. Celebrate with residents and visitors alike and see why this is one of the best celebrations on the island.

"During our trip to Ocean World while vacationing at LHVC, our granddaughter got to be in the dolphin show. She rode across the water on the noses of two dolphins."
- Linda W., client since 2004

Places to Go

  • Damajaqua Cascades

    Damajaqua Cascades

    Visit this national wonder and explore the 27 waterfalls that the sight boasts. Located in the hills of the Northern Corridor mountain range, you'll be able to swim, jump, slide and climb while enjoying the gorgeous views of this natural monument. Tip: Plan your visit for the morning to avoid the afternoon crowds.
  • Ocean World Adventure Park, Marina and Casino

    Ocean World Adventure Park, Marina and Casino

    You won't want to miss this popular attraction that is known for its unique animal encounters. Whether you're interested in a dolphin, shark or sea lion encounter (or all three), Ocean World brings you the opportunity to experience marine life like never before. When the sun goes down, there are plenty of nightlife options including shows, music, dining and more.
  • Cofresi Beach

    Cofresi Beach

    Located on-site when you say at the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, Cofresi Beach is known for its relaxing atmosphere and boasts the beautiful Caribbean Sea. As you surround yourself with palm trees and feel the white sand between your toes, you'll truly feel like you're in paradise.
  • Horseback Riding Tours

    Horseback Riding Tours

    Explore Puerto Plata by horseback as you go on an adventure like never before. We recommend Rancho Lorilar – one of our favorites. No matter what your skill level is, the staff here will ease your nerves by teaching you all the ins and outs. Take your choice from a two-hour two or make it an all-day event. Some other places that offer horseback riding tours include Wise Mountain Retreat and Marysol Tours.
  • Teleferico Puerto Plata Cable Car

    Teleferico Puerto Plata Cable Car

    As the only cable car in the Dominican Republic, the Teleferico is located on the mountain "Isabel de Torres." It will take you to the highest mountain in Puerto Plata, Mount Isabel de Torres, with a beautiful seven-acre botanical garden that is home to about 600 different plant species. The mountain's Nature Reserve features caves, lagoons, natural springs and streams.
  • Safari


    Go off the beaten path as you take a safari adventure on an open top truck with Outback Adventures. Not only will you see wildlife first hand, but you'll also learn about the history and culture of Puerto Plata. On the adventure, you'll explore a fruit plantation, visit a local school, relax on the beach and enjoy the outdoors.

"It was like dining in paradise!"
- Joe B., client since 2012


The closest major airport is Puerto Plata International Airport (POP), located about 40 minutes away from LHVC. Guests who pay their all-inclusive fees at least three weeks prior to check-in receive free transportation to the resort from POP. Guests who do not pay prior to arrival will be charged $50 (may vary) for this benefit.

Renting a car to drive around and explore isn't recommended. To get around to and from your destinations, taxis are the most popular, safest and comfortable option. An average taxi fare is about $5 USD. Another option for smaller groups (two or less) is motoconchos, which are motor bikes that fit a driver and two passengers; they are cheaper than taking a taxi. However, helmets are rarely offered to passengers, so taxis are the encouraged method of transportation.

Take a Day Trip

Moto-Taxi to Villa Montellano 11 Minutes
Taxi to Sosua 22 Minutes
Drive to Cabarete 31 Minutes
Drive to La Boca 36 Minutes
Drive to Rio San Juan 1 Hour 11 Minutes
Drive to Moca 1 Hour 12 Minutes
Drive to El Limon 1 Hour 58 Minutes

"We had a relaxing moment after a day of snorkeling at Paradise Island!"
- Catherine O., client since 2012