Hurricane Irma Message From Our President

Dear Travelers,

This past week has caused feelings of concern and anxiety. Many of you have called or emailed about how Hurricane Irma impacted your vacation and your ability to travel in the coming weeks and months. Because the storms were still occurring, I wanted to be very sensitive in the timing and approach of my communication to our travelers.

Our top priority as Irma approached the Caribbean was to ensure that all clients who were currently on vacation were aware of the impending storm and had our support. We also worked very closely with each of our vendor partners on the ground to discuss real-time conditions and evolving plans as the storm drew closer. As you might imagine, there are many factors that go into these conversations and ultimately, the plans for protecting both our clients and our partners. Aside from Irma following closely behind Harvey, the sheer size and intensity of this storm had the attention of many. Much of our strategy and planning was reliant on weather forecasters and the response of the local authorities.

Some of you shared with me your concerns that we started cancelling vacations too far in advance of the storm making landfall. I want to emphasize that all decisions were made in the absolute best interest of everyone involved given the state and local information that was available to us at the time.

Looking forward, we are happy to report that our units made it through the storm with minimal damage. Conversely, many of the communities that we are in suffered tremendously. Trust that we are working round-the-clock to restore normal operations as quickly as possible. But there are much larger decisions and actions that have to be made by local authorities.

We are incredibly thankful for local first responders and the resources that rushed into the affected areas. Every decision we make will be respectful of their efforts and the work left to be done. Furthermore, your safety, and the safety of our vendor partners, is paramount.

We’ll continue to keep you updated as decisions are made and the communities around us work to return to normal. In the interim, please don’t hesitate to call with any questions.

Warm regards,

Scott Fasano
President of Travel Advantage Network