Take photos for RoomSnap and win up to $100 in cash or travel credits.

How to Win

Snap interior photos of your Travel Advantage Network vacation unit when you arrive. Next, just upload your photos by following the instructions below. Then, sit back and wait for us to contact you. Should we publish a photo submitted by you on our website, you will receive $25 in cash or travel credits per published photo (up to $100 in cash or travel credits for 4 published photos).

Photos Needed

Please submit at least one image of each of the following areas, as it pertains to your unit:

  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Bedroom(s)

Optional Areas (Just for fun and not eligible for travel credit)

  • Balcony / Patio
  • View from unit

Requirements to be Eligible

  • The unit must be clean and tidy (best time to snap a shot is when you first arrive).
  • Photos must be shot horizontally.
  • Be sure that the resolution of the photograph is high / photos are taken on the largest file setting.
  • No personal items in the photo – this includes people.
  • Make sure bed linens are pulled tight and there are no wrinkles.
  • Make sure any throw or sofa pillows are arranged neatly and no bedroom pillows should be in the living room.
  • Turn TV off.
  • If your camera has a time and date stamp option, please turn it off.
  • No special filters, fish eye lenses, panoramic, square images, etc.
  • Do not place any text on the photo.
  • Do not over or under expose photos (too bright/too dark).
  • Use natural light by opening all the curtains, blinds, and doors. You can also try turning on all the lights in the room including lamps so there is no need for a flash.
  • Stay out of mirrors. Shoot from an angle that eliminates you from the mirror, allowing you to capture the highlights of that room. Watch out for reflections!
  • To show the greatest percentage of the room, stand in a corner of the room while taking pictures. You should also only include two walls and a bit of ceiling and floor in each image.

Taking Photos With Smartphone

  • Check your resolution. Most smartphones and camera apps have a setting that allows you to take pictures at different resolutions. Make sure to take the photos in high resolution or at the large setting. Quality should always be at 100%.
  • Turn on the HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature. This feature tells the program in your smartphone to take three pictures at the same time, and then the program inside your phone combines the best elements of all three shots to give you a better quality picture.
  • Smartphone flashes are not very strong. Turn off the flash and go with natural light.
  • To get a good, sharp image, turn yourself into a human tripod. Hold the camera with both hands and pull your arms into your chest or stomach. You're instantly sturdier which makes your photos sharper.
  • If your smartphone has a stable shot setting, be sure to turn that on as well.
  • Make sure the lens is clean.
  • When emailing from your smartphone, be sure to send them at full resolution or maximum size to ensure the best quality.

Examples of Good Unit Photography

Examples of Bad Unit Photography

RoomSnap Rules

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